Mak 400 - 450 - 500

The CESAB MAK Series with AC Technology for heavy duty applications is a range of electric trucks with ergonomic solutions, advanced technology and top level performance.

They are designed for demanding lifting duties in heavy applications.  Its extreme simplicity of operation can be translated into increased safety and higher performance.

The CESAB Mak range includes models from 4000 to 4900 kg and lifting capacities up to 6120 mm.

Ürün Özellikleri

  • Tonaj:4t - 4.5t - 5t
  • Asansör:↑ 7450 mm
  • Akü:80V / 775 Ah
  • 80V 4 ton, 4.5 ton, 5 ton Akülü forklift

Taşıma Aracı

Akülü Forkliftler